Getting A Better Version of Myself (work in progress)

My energy comes from choice. Not every morning I wake up refreshed and energized. Many mornings I go on very little sleep with plenty of negativity on my mind. What I’m good at is believing that somehow and in some way, things are going to get better. The reason I am confident about this is that I have committed to never quit and never give up.
Goals are something I take very seriously. One thing I learned in life is if you don’t have the results you want, you need to work on a solid game plan to get you there. I wake up every day working hard but only getting the same results but a little better. Today, things change. I finally decided I’m going to get a plan together to take my business and wealth to that seven-figure yearly level. Energy, it’s created.
Self-talk is the most amazing thing you can learn to master. When starting off, it’s may be difficult. The reality is life doesn’t care about how difficult it is for you. You have to be around the right people or mentors who will help get you there. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start working on developing your mind.
The mind is a powerful piece of humanity.  Growing up, I used to be very stubborn and easily irritable. I was very quick to act and very fast to think. I was the typical girl who wanted to make it huge in the world but didn’t know how. What I learned over my last 10 years of being alive was that anyone in this new age can make it out of life successful. Successful is a powerful word. What is a success? To each, success has a different term. Success to me ends when I feel completely fulfilled. With so many open projects and things not working that I started, I have to say “I’m not successful”. There is good news in that. Certain things in my life are mandatory to win it. Job, Health, Happiness, Family, relationships, friends. All these things are just a little of what defines success to me. Wealth is a big one. Define wealth? Having more than enough.
I don’t have a set dollar amount but making enough while having a happy way of living is what I deem successful.
Success does not have one path. You can create success in a million different ways. The more you learn, the more you implement, the higher to odds of reaching your success. It’s a simple formula.  I enjoy learning and exploring myself because this allows me to grow. This ties back to becoming a better me.
I learned about thriving and surviving. I mean, the reality is we are all going to die one day. Sucks but it’s the truth. To become a better me, I  have to give up some of the old ways of thinking. I have to start introducing a new way of manifesting thoughts into realities. What makes me happy?
Learning more about who I am and what my talents are. Partnering with like-minded people who have plenty to offer. If I don’t have plenty to offer then I work on sharpening my skill sets. Give love and respect, and in return, will definitely get it.
Recently, I went to Makah and Medina – holy pilgrimage – Umrah (Umrah is also known as a small or minor pilgrimage performed by every Muslim). The peace, the contentment I got there is inexpressible. I started to think about the life hereafter. Because whatever we do here we have to repay in the life hereafter. And this thought changed my worldly life so that I can live a better journey hereafter.
For me now it is “When Prayers Become Your Habit, Miracle Will Become Your Lifestyle” and “To be Grateful to God for everything”